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Reliable IT Services & Expertise for

Companies With Complicated Needs

Challenges We Have Helped Companies Overcome

Infrastructure Bubble
Reliable IT infrastructure support for over 300 remote locations.
Growth Bubble
High Growth
Strategy, design and IT implementation for high growth companies.
Mergers Bubble
Integration of different IT systems as a result of mergers and acquisitions.
Transition Bubble
Transitional Services
Transitioning from internal IT services to managed services.

We make sure the technology your company needs, just works.

You don’t need someone to sell you a product. You need an unbiased guide that takes the time to understand your challenges and has the expertise and experience to help you make informed quality decisions about your IT needs.

The 3KeyLogic Partnership Plan

There are three keys to solving your IT problems in order to grow your business. This process will ensure you maximize what you already have, invest smartly to increase efficiency and hit your goals.

First Step Bubble
Engage with you to gain a deep understanding of the company, industry and technology needs so solutions can be proposed that drive your business forward.
Second Step Bubble
Work collaboratively with you to prioritize initiatives, make informed decisions and develop a plan that will create positive business impact.
Third Step Bubble
Provide the knowledge, process and people needed to execute the plan. Whether it is a onetime project, ongoing managed services, or something in between, exceptional delivery is what we do best.

Talk to one of our IT experts today about
how we can help your company grow:

"3KeyLogic is a trusted partner. Someone we can rely on to give us unbiased, reliable information.”

Director of IT | Manufacturing Company

3KeyLogic is a SERVICES company. We are here to solve your problems, not sell you a product. We have the people with the commitment and expertise needed to implement, support and manage the IT needs of any size company.

Save money.
Accelerate growth.
Get IT problems off your plate.

We provide our services in two ways:

Project Based Services Bubble

Project Based Services

When we engage with our customers on a project basis, the scope and success criteria are clearly defined and agreed upon by both parties. Doing our homework up front guarantees the project is successfully delivered, financial budgets are met and overall customer satisfaction is achieved.
Managed Services Bubble

Managed Services

Offerings range from basic monitoring and support of a single device to customized 24/7 by 365 day coverage of your entire infrastructure. We offer guaranteed response within a set time frame with our Service Level Agreements (SLA) and proactive end-to-end response to problems through Incident Management (IM) services. Every service and activity is performed by our skilled team of USbased employees.

"We initially chose their organization for their technical talent. 3KeyLogic is a nimble organization. They look at what the customer’s requirements are and how they can deliver those quickly and on the customer’s schedule."

-VP of IT | Healthcare

Our Capabilities

Every company and industry is unique so the solutions we provide are customized to the need of each client. Our services generally fall into the following categories.

Communications Bubble
Voice Communications
Your phone system should just work. Audit, design, implementation and management of the systems that transmit your voice, data, and video over a single network.
Networking Bubble
Keep your network running optimally. Design, implementation and support of wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), core data centers, cloud connectivity, wireless implementations, and telecom connections.
Security Bubble
Protect your company from security intrusions and costly data loss. Perform vulnerability scanning and security assessments. Implement and support a security infrastructure that protects you from threats now and in the future.
Call-Center Bubble
Contact Centers
Make your contact center work for your business. Audit, design, and support of robust, responsive contact center systems that ensures efficient call routing, handles varying call volume, provides quality reporting and is cost effective.